Dr. Susan Rivers

Executive Director, iThrive

Susan E. Rivers, PhD, is Executive Director and Chief Scientist at iThrive, the non-profit committed to creating evidence-based digital games to help teens develop their social and emotional skills and positive psychology habits. Dr. Rivers oversees the strategic direction and execution for iThrive and fosters the development of programs and a cooperative ecosystem of youth, game developers, researchers, parents, mental health experts, and investors and donors. Prior to joining iThrive, Susan served on the research faculty at Yale University for a decade in the Department of Psychology. While at Yale, she co-founded the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence and served as its founding deputy director. Susan co-developed the RULER framework for teaching emotional intelligence and social and emotional learning, and has lead efforts to evaluate its impact. She has published and spoken widely on emotional intelligence and social and emotional learning.  Visit us at iThrivegames.org.

My Sessions

Video Games for Developing Positive Psychology Habits

Can video games be engaging and help teens learn life skills? Developing social and emotional skills is critical for positive youth development, and practicing habits like empathy, gratitude, and mindfulness can cultivate those skills. Embedding these practices into gameplay offers a tremendous opportunity to meet teens where they are and where they want to be. […]