Stephen Getter

Education and Technology Innovation Consultant

Stephen Getter has spent the last ten years pioneering alternative methodologies for education. Specializing in game based learning, he has created games to work within curricula in such diverse environments as adult training/education, early childhood education, and higher education and in a variety of industries such as automotive auctions, educational franchising, and community college. In addition, he has consulted for technological innovation, participating in the 2016 Hult Prize Challenge and part of the winning team for the 2016 Bosch Strategy Challenge.

My Sessions

Don’t Freeze! Survive the Ethics of a Mixed Reality Escape Room

A mixed reality escape room refers to a space that traps the player using a combination of physical and virtual contraptions and puzzles, which the player must solve in order to escape from the space for the sake of survival. An alternate reality story usually serves to bridge the physical and virtual context layers of […]