Seth Corrigan

Director of Research and Development, LRNG

Seth Corrigan is a past Director and Learning Scientist at GlassLab Games. He is currently the Director for Research and Development at LRNG where he is extending the work of GlassLab to support youth to identify their passions and transition to careers. Seth is also a current member of the Embodied Design Research Laboratory at the University of California at Berkeley, investigating links between motor coordination and learning mathematics. He has a background in measurement, psychometrics and assessment design and has over a decade of experience designing paper-based and digital simulation and game-based environments that are responsive to learners’ needs. He previously served as the Director of Assessment at the Lawrence Hall of Science, where he led the design and implementation of traditional and novel assessment systems for use at the national scale, including: Amplify’s New Curriculum science products integrating literacy and science instruction, the Seeds of Science/Roots of Reading curricula and the first ever NOAA funded Ocean Science Sequence curricula.

My Sessions

Challenges and Opportunities Designing for the Classroom

The K-12 educational technology market is large and growing. Selling to schools and districts represents an opportunity to reach a large and diverse group of students. What are the design challenges and opportunities in the classroom? What do developers need to keep in mind in order to meet the needs of teachers, administrators, and students? […]