Robin Hunicke

CEO, Funomena and Associate Professor, UC Santa Cruz Arts Division

Robin Hunicke is the CEO & Co-Founder of the San Francisco studio Funomena, which makes experimental VR (Luna), AR (Woorld) and console (Wattam) experiences. She has been designing, making and teaching about games for over 12 years (Journey, Boom Blox, MySims, TheSims2).

A designer and producer by training, she has a background in computer science, fine art and applied game studies. As Director of the Art, Games & Playable Media BA at UC Santa Cruz, Professor Hunicke is an outspoken evangelist for diversity of thought and participation in game design and game culture.

My Sessions

Designing for Intentional Play

Games have the power to teach, motivate, and influence us in a way no other medium can. How can we broaden the games we produce as an industry, better leveraging intentional play and the complexities therein? How do we create games that speak to a more expansive range of our intellectual needs, that offer genuine […]