Katie Gibbons

Head of School, Alt School at Fort Mason

Approaching education with great purpose, passion and play, Katie Gibbons has taught for over 15 years in a variety of educational settings — from an inner city charter school in Pennsylvania, Yupik village in Alaska to a private lab school in Palo Alto. For six years, Katie taught project-based learning and social emotional intelligence at K-8 Synapse School in Menlo Park, where she was the founding teacher and an administrator. During that time, Katie also founded a friendship and leadership summer camp for girls in Woodside. Katie earned her MA in Educational Leadership and a BS in Elementary Education. She has received advanced certification in emotional intelligence and has trained teachers in SEL at Bay Area schools for over five years.

Currently, Katie is the founding Head of School at AltSchool, Fort Mason campus in San Francisco to explore ways to best personalize education, for example, through tech tools such as playlist cards. She loves creating constructivist lessons that are fun for students, such as introducing algebra to kindergarteners through a mystery game of finding X using Mr. Potato Head, interactive science lab where students re-enact Galileo’s failed experiments and family maker event where parents and their children co-create robots or make music with oranges.

My Sessions

Challenges and Opportunities Designing for the Classroom

The K-12 educational technology market is large and growing. Selling to schools and districts represents an opportunity to reach a large and diverse group of students. What are the design challenges and opportunities in the classroom? What do developers need to keep in mind in order to meet the needs of teachers, administrators, and students? […]