Katherine Isbister

Professor, UC Santa Cruz Department of Computational Media

Katherine Isbister recently joined the faculty of University of California, Santa Cruz’s Department of Computational Media, after a year on sabbatical at Stanford University. She was the founding director of the Game Innovation Lab at NYU. Her research focuses on designing games and other interactive experiences that heighten social and emotional connections, toward innovating design theory and technological practice. Isbister’s most recent book from MIT Press is How Games Move Us: Emotion by Design. Her research has received support from the National Science Foundation, Yahoo, Microsoft, Bell Labs, and other funders, and has been covered in Wired, Forbes, Fast Company, Scientific American, among other venues. Isbister was a recipient of MIT Technology Review’s Young Innovator Award, as well as a Humboldt Foundation Experienced Researcher fellowship.

My Sessions

Designing for Intentional Play

Games have the power to teach, motivate, and influence us in a way no other medium can. How can we broaden the games we produce as an industry, better leveraging intentional play and the complexities therein? How do we create games that speak to a more expansive range of our intellectual needs, that offer genuine […]