John Krajewski

Founder and CEO, Strange Loop Games

John Krajewski is founder and CEO of Strange Loop Games, a studio whose focus is creating games that connect entertainment and education.  His background is the console games industry, having worked at EA and Midway before founding Strange Loop.  He is currently the designer of the Department of Education funded ecology game ‘Eco’.  After founding Strange Loop Games in 2009, he has led development on 6 titles including a suite of games for Amplify Education, and the Steam and Playstation 3 Indie hit ‘Vessel’.

My Sessions

Designing for Intentional Play

Games have the power to teach, motivate, and influence us in a way no other medium can. How can we broaden the games we produce as an industry, better leveraging intentional play and the complexities therein? How do we create games that speak to a more expansive range of our intellectual needs, that offer genuine […]


Climate Change: Tackling Our World’s Largest Problems through Video Games

This session provides a close look at how we can use video games to fight one of the most pressing global issue of our time. How can videogames be used to both deepen our understanding of climate change as well as inspire action? What are some of the most exciting games being made for this […]