Deena Minwalla

Edtech Consultant

Deena has over 15 years of experience specializing in interactive educational products for preK-12. She has worked at a variety of edtech companies including Leapfrog, Pearson, Education.com and AltSchool. She was the Program Director of co.lab, an edtech accelerator that worked with startups leveraging the power of digital games and playful learning to build transformative educational technologies for preK-12 students and teachers. She is passionate about making innovative, engaging yet effective learning experiences for kids and teachers for use both inside and outside the classroom.

My Sessions

Challenges and Opportunities Designing for the Classroom

The K-12 educational technology market is large and growing. Selling to schools and districts represents an opportunity to reach a large and diverse group of students. What are the design challenges and opportunities in the classroom? What do developers need to keep in mind in order to meet the needs of teachers, administrators, and students? […]